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Inside inspiration.

Revel in rich and handsome interiors that take inspiration from equestrian style and country club elegance, through a thoroughly contemporary lens. A selection of sophisticated yet rustic elements have been thoughtfully sourced and carefully curated by Tomas Pearce, to be personally customized by you in your choice of three finishing packages.

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Tomas Pearce

Relish in rich interiors and upscale amenities by Tomas Pearce.

Tomas Pearce Interior Design Consulting Inc. is an international design firm based in downtown Toronto, Canada. Recognized for their attention to detail and polished elegance, Tomas Pearce is a global source for inspiration and style. Their interiors are bold and luxurious while also being highly functional and livable. Their sophisticated sensibility comes through in the carefully curated details and well considered features of each suite at King Terraces.